Using Tattoos To Raise Awareness

Kristin Hutkin, a 22-year-old grad student, is saving her relatives from the dangers of texting and driving. She got creative about ways to make her boyfriend and friends aware of the fact that texting and driving could be even more dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol. Check out her method and the impact it had: Before you signed up for Thumb Wars, how did you prevent your friends/family from texting and driving?

Kristin Hutkin: Before Thumb Wars I would scold my friends and refuse to drive with them if they were going to text while driving.

DS: Who did you give your thumb socks to and why?

KH: I gave my thumb sucks to my boyfriend Jeremy because his reckless behavior scares me the most. He works at Agaru Tattoo and Bodying Piercing and was able to help me spread the message with the photo I submitted. A lot of my friends thought the tattoo was real (It was just a stencil!), but sharing such a spunky image allowed me to draw more attention to the cause.

DS: Did it help them to stop texting and driving?

KH: It made them think twice about texting and driving. A lot of my friends were surprised by the statistics I shared.

DS: Do you think Thumb Wars will have long term effects on their driving habits?

KH: I hope it does, but bad habits don’t just die over night. Helping my friends and family realize the dangers of texting and driving will have to continue even after Thumb Wars is done.

DS: Why should other people join Thumb Wars?

KH: I think Thumb Wars is a great starting point for getting more people to spread the word about the dangers associated with texting and driving. It is a fun campaign that targets an age group that is most at risk. More people should join because it is cool to drive safe!

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