What Cali’s Online Privacy Laws Mean For YOU

Let’s face it – nothing’s ever truly private on the Internet. Even with blocked settings, college coaches and future employers can still request to see your Facebook or Twitter. (Yes, you read that right.)

Well California Governor Jerry Brown is putting a stop to this. He approved two new measures, AB 1844 and SB 1349, which let you keep your online life private. Here are three points you need to know about these bills. (They'll take effect Jan. 1.)

  1. Under AB 1844, employers can’t ask employees or job applicants for the user names and passwords to their social media accounts.
  2. And the companion bill, SB 1349, makes it illegal for colleges/universities to ask students/perspective students for their social media account info.
  3. The legislation will also protect Cali residents from what Brown calls “unwarranted invasions.”

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