What's The Deal? Kids React to Cheerios Commercial

A little girl puts Cheerios on her dad’s chest after her mom tells her that they help keep your heart healthy. That’s what the commercial that Cheerios released last month is about. Seems perfectly innocent, right? Well, not to the 2,666 people who disliked the video and made racist comments about it. Why all of the controversy? The (sad) answer is because the family portrayed in the 0:31-long commercial is of mixed race: African-American dad, white mom, and bi-racial daughter.

In a video published on July 14th by the FineBros YouTube channel, as part of the Kids React YouTube series, children between the ages of 7 and 13 reacted to the commercial and controversy that followed.

“When was this (Cheerios) video made, the 1950s?” was 11-year-old Ellen’s reaction to the racial backlash that occurred. To listen to other reactions, watch the whole video below:

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Sources: Today News, Huffington Post