Word Cloud of Prayers for Sandy Hook Victims

The unfathomable tragedy that occurred Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School shook our nation to its core. The senseless murder of 26 innocent lives – 20 of them being children, ages 6 through 7 – was a devastating shock to all.

The above word cloud was created from the over 50,000 text messages of prayers and well-wishes that poured in from our members over the weekend for the victims and their families. Here are 11 that really moved us.  

  1. I may never meet you, but my thoughts, my heart, and soul go out to you. You are not alone and a nation of people stand behind you, to help and guide you.
  2. Extending our hands to you during this time of tragedy. Prayers and support from Virginia Tech.
  3. No one deserves for this to happen, but God has now gained many angels & they're about to have the best Christmas ever.
  4. I am a 3rd grade teacher in KY. My heart is completely broken. I cannot fathom what you are going through but my heart and all of my prayers are with all.
  5. When unimaginable tragedies like these happen, it is so hard to see the good in people and in life. Know that the whole world is hurting with you and supporting you.
  6. When you were crying, I was crying. I feel your pain; my hope is that God will bring you all peace in your lives.
  7. Stay strong. Hate is such a strong, powerful emotion. But sometimes sadness rules them all. And hope? That's what gives us love and faith.
  8. I'm from a small town in TN. Just so you know your town, school, and families and in our prayers here. This has to be hard but you are not facing it alone.
  9. Our prayers are with you. No words can bring any consolation, but we as a country are here in your time of need.
  10. Newtown families- I am so incredibly heartbroken to hear of your loss. Please know that you have the entire country praying for you. We love you.
  11. I wish you peace in your hearts and love with all of your families, may you overcome this tragedy, and my prayers are with each and every one of you.

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