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Kerry Wood Hits Homerun for Good

Kerry bats for the Wood Family Foundation


Miley Cyrus Goes Barefoot for Good

Why she took her shoes off.

Tim Tebow

Quote of the Day: Tim Tebow

What he wants more teens to do.

Tony Hawk

A Day With Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk spends the day with eight child survivors of war.


Eliza Dushku Fights on Behalf of Child Soldiers

What she's doing.

Leighton and Kerri

Leighton Meester and Vera Wang 'Share The Love'

Leighton and Vera encourage people to sign up as donors through fashion.

Lady Gaga

Happy Birthday Lady Gaga!

Reasons why we love Lady Gaga.

Naya and Cory

11 Awesome GLAAD Award Moments

Kisses, winners, jokes and more!


Quote of the Day: President Obama

President Obama speaks about the killing of Trayvon Martin

Tim Tebow Charity Touchdown

Tim Tebow helps support cancer patients.