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people doing it

Battle for the Bands Finalists!

We are blown away by the videos made for Battle for the Bands and the number of votes and shares each of the videos got—we had over 20,000 votes counted. You guys seriously rock! Music education obviously means a lot to you, and we can't wait to see you in concert someday.

The celebrity judging panel has a huge task in front of them, and tons of talent to award our awesome prizes to.

And now, for the finalists. Good luck to all of them! Drumroll they are:

Original Music Videos

True Colors. Watch how this band shows their true colors through their inspiring music. 

Point to Infinity. Music education is a great way to get your mind off of school stress. So put down the books and get ready to clap along with this band. 

Music's Awesome. Watch what happens when “the institution” tries to take music education away from these awesome musical-singing students.

Musically Free. This video paints visual pictures with words through music and poetry. 

Cody Chops. Move over John Mayer! Cody used the skills taught to him by his music teachers to create this music video with his band.

Grupo Klave. Listen to this Spanish-singing band's beautiful lyrics. 

Sodasia Thompson, Joe Pastore. When Sodasia Thompson was asked to think about life without music by her music teacher, she did the first thing any true musician would do—she wrote a song. Listen to her video, The Power of Music. 

Innuendo. After years of dedicating their lives to playing instruments, these three students decided to come together, and create music in the name of music education.

Alex and Shayna.  We love duets! Sonny and Cher, Zack and Vanessa, and now Alex and Shayna. Watch this duet sing about not letting the music die. Shayna 

Parody Videos

John Marshall High School Glee Club. This band couldn’t use a wish right now. So what do they need? Heart and soul. Listen to this innovative airplanes parody.

Stolen Thunder. Take a trip to the 1890’s and back with this band. And no, you don’t need a time machine.

KPickARillo. This band explains the importance of music education in schools through Linkin Park’s Numb.

LMS Contemporary Youth Orchestra. Watch this powerful video on how it is NOT okay to bully. 

A Mini Tribe. This band took shots from all over the world to show what music does for others. When music hits, they feel no pain.

Spoken Word Videos

The "Music is Important to Me Because..." Project. Read and listen to how music education is important to this school.

The Resistance. Listen to how this band got inspired to make music because of music education in their school.

DATA. Music has made a major impact in Devin McQuinn’s life. Read how through his spoken poem.

Hamilton Yankees. See how Hamilton High School saved music education in their school.