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people did it
people doing it

Caption Contest #1 Winner!

Last week we asked members to create a caption for the football pic above. Then, we combed through the comments.

We laughed. We cried. We picked a winner. A winner who will get a pair of Thumb Socks signed by Glee star (and all around dreamy-guy) Harry Shum Jr. But first...

The Honorable Mentions

  • Hannah K got close with: “the crowd is rlly in2 the game! u should c their faces, theyre almost scared! lol”
  • Samantha gave us our causiest option: “You got in a head-on collision? That's horrible!”
  • Brenden shows the dangers of dreaming while footballing: “I know texting while running isn't safe, but this is SUPER important... guess who texted right after the last play! #lostinhereyes ;)”
  • And Dion! My mom would blush if I reprinted your caption...but just know it made us laugh.

The Winner

Alyshia D from Roosevelt High School with: “Bro I finally got the ball, nd I think my coach is rlly proud of me! he keeps yelling my name!”

Thanks for making us laugh, Alyshia! You’ll be getting a pair of Harry Shum Jr. signed thumb socks in the mail.

What's Next?

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