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people doing it

Thumb Wars » Caption Contest #2: What Are They Texting? CLOSED!!!

UPDATE (6/23) This caption contest is now closed! Don't worry, though - a new one will be up early next week when we announce the winner!

The second caption contest is here. Write a caption for this photo to win a pair of Thumb Socks signed by "Glee" star, Harry Shum Jr. (Even his signature is good looking. Sighhhh.)

To win, tell us what the boy or girl is texting. Either one is fine.

Read the rules below, but remember, three entries each. And while this one is extra smooshy, anything TOOOO dirty or inappropriate will be removed. (Sorry folks.)

UPDATE: Extended Until Friday the 22nd!

And if you want to get some non-celeb-signed thumb socks, all you have to do is sign up above and we’ll send you a pair for free. (Seriously, it’s that easy.)

Now get captioning!

(Illustration by Nate Flagg)