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May 14 - Jul 24

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people did it
people doing it

Caption Contest #3: What Are They Texting? >> CLOSED!


The third caption contest is officially here. Write a caption for this photo to win a pair of Thumb Socks signed by "Glee" star, Harry Shum Jr.!
To win, tell us what the space cadet is texting while she should be fighting off an alien invasion. 
Read the rules below, but remember, three entries each. 
And if you want to get some non-celeb-signed thumb socks, all you have to do is sign up above and we’ll send you a pair for free. (Seriously, it’s that easy.) 
Now get captioning! (Illustration by Nate Flagg)

Click here to learn all the contest rules!

Here’s how you enter:

  1. Check out the picture above. Think of something funny.
  2. Sign up for Thumb Wars (or log in and join the campaign).
  3. Write your caption in the Facebook comments at the bottom of the page.

To win, you’ll have to follow these guidelines:

  • Each caption should be 200 characters or less, please!
  • You can enter up to three 3 captions. If you enter more, only your first three will count.
  • The funnier the better. We like to laugh.
  • Bonus points if you can make it extra cause-y. Remember, we’re trying to get people to stop using their phone when they shouldn’t!
  • We'll reveal the winner on our Facebook page on Monday (and we'll send the winner an email.)
  • Keep it clean, please! We will delete anything that is mean to others or has inappropriate language. 
Official Rules and Regulations