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people did it
people doing it

Caption Contest #3 Winner!


We had a great time reading your submissions for the alien attack illustration. Your captions were whacky, weird, and totally awesome!

The Honorable Mentions

Kyle S. had us nodding our heads with his submission:
"Don't move or I'll shoot!"
*Message Sent.
*Message Received.
"You know you could just yell that to me....I'm literally like seven yards away."
Bereniz M. from Barbara Jordan High School loves Twitter as much as @dosomething does:
[On Twitter] IMONTWITTER!@ Zapping some ZAGNARDS up in this Planet. Might not make it home but oh well YOLO. Na I'm just kidding I'm going home, with the prize!

But our overall favorite and the Winner is:

Kyle M.:
Dudez seriously.. hold on! I'm almost past this level in angry birds!
Kyle can't be bothered with pesky aliens when there is a game to be won. Congrats, Kyle! You'll be receiving a poster of the illustration with your caption on it and a pair of Thumb Socks signed by Harry Shum Jr.!

What's Next?

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