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people did it
people doing it

Caption Contest #4 Winner!

You guys were very creative with the deep sea diver caption contest - who knew divers love Drake so much? (YOLO!)

Here are the honorable mentions

Katie K. had us chuckling with this unfortunate circumstance:

Diver to boat captain: "We need more oxygen!"
*Message failed.*

Diver to Twitter: "YOLO".


Elena B. understands the importance of being aware of what's around you:

Octopus: Should we let them know that the flash attracts sharks like fish to bait?
Crab: Nope! Just smile and wave!

**Paying attention to your surroundings could save your life. And prevent you from being eaten by sharks.**.


Our winner this week is:

Lexie L:

Diver on left forwards to other divers: Wait a minute..did the captain say "No txting and driving or no txting and diving?"
Diver on right: I think driving. Who would even think of texting and diving anyway?

Congrats, Lexie! You'll be receiving a poster of the illustration with your caption on it and a pair of Thumb Socks signed by Harry Shum Jr.!

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