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Caption Contest #5 Winner!



Babies texting! In a nursery! About diapers! AHHH! Here are the honorable mentions and the winner of this week's caption contest.

Honorable mentions

Carol H:
Baby #1: Party. My bassinet tonight.
Baby #2: BYOB?
Baby #1: Formula only.
Baby #3: Diaper optional?
Baby #1: You naughty baby.
Baby #4: I'll bring the strained carrots.
Baby #5: Great! This is going to be an amazing senior pram!
Aaron Y gave thumb socks a big shout out with his caption:
Caption #1:
Mom: Mark! The last thing I wanted was a kid that is constantly texting.
Dad: Well, I said you shouldn't text while pregnant.
Caption #2:
Well look at it this way, at least they don't know how to drive yet.
Caption #3:
Wow, we better get those thumb socks early!

Our winner this week is:

Jacob H:
baby one: updated his diaper status to "dirty"
Congrats, Jacob! You'll be receiving a poster of the illustration with your caption on it and a pair of Thumb Socks signed by Harry Shum Jr.!

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