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Jul 1 - Sep 15

Donate school supplies at your local Staples store to support kids in need.


people did it
people doing it

How One Girl Is Helping To Collect Supplies

Dozens of young people have signed up to run a Staples for Students drive, collecting school supplies to support kids in need. Check out our interview with Sara Baig, one of our amazeballs members, on why she’s helping.


Why did you sign up to run a Staples for Students drive?

I signed up because I absolutely love getting involved with as much as I can at Do Secondly, because in the midst of these last August days where most students are going back-to-school shopping and looking forward to buying unique styles of school supplies, there are other children who unfortunately can't afford to. So why not help them out?


How did you get the word out about your drive?

I took to Facebook and [had the help of] close friends. We recently organized a drive just like this for kids in Peru and therefore I knew the ways to success.


Did you set any goals for supply collection? Did you meet them?

I set the goals of having enough basic supplies for at least 6-8 kids and I think we surpassed our minimal goal! I was very delighted and satisfied.


Anything else you want people to know/have tips for other drive runners?

If you have the passion and determination to run a drive, well you are on the right track. From there, you should allow yourself to ask for as much as help and donations as possible and talk to more and more people to let them know of your awesome work and leadership initiative.


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