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An Interview With YA Author Lisa Yee

Author Lisa Yee has written more than 10 young adult and middle grade novels including Definitely Maybe and Millicent Min, Girl Genius. got to ask her a few questions about the role books had during her teen years and what books have inspired her to do.

Did a book ever get you through a hard time as a teen?

Definitely! I was always turning to books when I was growing up. Books like the Katie John series by Mary Calhoun made me feel like I wasn’t the only misunderstood tomboy on the planet.

What celebrity do you picture playing the protagonist in a movie version of your latest book?

Oh dear. Okay, I have to admit, I'm not up on who's who when it comes to teen stars. So I looked some up, and I'd say Logan Lerman from the Percy Jackson movie has the look of Marley Sandelski, the Star Trek geek who gets beat up every day in Warp Speed. He really resembles the boy on the cover of the book.

What were your favorite books as a teenager?

I loved Pride and Prejudice even though Mr. Darcy infuriated me until the latter chapters, and I thought that The Great Gatsby was quite romantic. I also devoured Go Ask Alice and The Outsiders.

Has a book ever inspired you to do something for a cause?

Does writing a book count? When I wrote the Kanani books for American Girl, I focused on the plight of the endangered Hawaiian monk seal. Later, I went and spoke about their plight to raise awareness. A plush seal, based on the one from the stories, was created and $1 from every one sold went to the National Wildlife Federation.

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