Feb 19 - Apr 26

Clean out your closet and donate your gently used dresses to girls in need.


people did it
people doing it

The Most Embarrassing DoSomething.org Staff Prom Pics

Meet the high school versions of our team...or at least the ones brave enough to show their pics.

Pictured above left to right are:

1st Row: Adam, April, Chloe, and Catie.

2nd Row: Alyssa, Amanda, and Baylee.

3rd Row: Bob, Kenia, Alyssa, and Aminta.

4th Row: Jess, Keri, Farah, and Calvin.

5th Row: John, Ravelle (top), Naomi (bottom), Rebecca, Sydney (top), and Chaquana (bottom).

6th Row: Lauren, Dave, and Christina.

7th Row: Aria, Mike and George.

Some Fun Facts

"Our limo was actually my car—a station wagon with faux wood paneling and a custom paint job for prom.—Bob

"My mom made my dress."—Alyssa

"I was Prom Queen!"—Christina

"I had mono and didn't know it."—Lauren

"I went with Steve Burgess. Why do I include this? Because I can't find him on Facebook or anywhere. (And, oh, I try.) Can anyone find him???"—Nancy

"My mother convinced me to wear a sari...it basically fell off because I had no idea how to drape one."—Aminta

"My date's corsage could squirt water."—Farah

What Can You Do?

Now it's your turn. Upload your prom photos that show off the dress you donated.

Alyssa and Sydney

P.S. You're welcome for the laughs.