Jul 10 - Jul 20

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people did it
people doing it

Prepare for The Hunt

The Hunt is back. This year’s missions are bigger. Trickier. And totally worth the wait. Here’s what you need to prepare you for the ultimate hunting challenge.

  1. Sign up for The Hunt to stay updated on everything happening before your missions start.
  2. In a few weeks, each hunter will get to take a quiz, matching him or her with a celebrity that makes a difference in the world. You can share the quiz with friends and get them to join the mission.
  3. Starting June 14th, register your team name and invite your friends to join your team. Start thinking about who you want to be on your team (only people you can trust, agent).
If you have any questions before The Hunt starts (July 10th), send a homing device...or just email hunt@dosomething.org.