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Q&A Exclusive: Battle for Bands Winners Perform at Lollapalooza

Battle of the Band champs Point To Infinity got the opportunity to rock out in front of many at Lollapalooza. We got the chance to catch up with Richie and Kyle, two members of the band, on their experience performing at this music festival. How did it feel to be able to perform on the same stage as Frank Ocean, Of Monsters and Men, The Gaslight Anthem and Fun? 
Richie: It felt amazing! The fact that we played on the very same stage as our influences was a great opportunity. 
DS: What was your favorite part of the weekend?
Richie: Honestly, I can't decide. This Chicago/Lollapalooza experience as a whole is more than what I can ask for. This is literally my best and favorite experience in my life EVER!
DS: What are the next steps for your band?
Richie: The next step for us will probably be practicing as always and getting more stage experience. We're thinking about getting an EP, so that's probably another thing that's up next for us on our check list.
DS: What were your expectations going into the event?
Kyle: We really didn't have any expectations going into this. That being said, our minds were blown every step of the way. The whole experience was truly awesome.
DS: What would you say to other musicians just starting out?
Kyle: Practice on your own, with a teacher, and with people in a band setting. Stick with it! Music has the power to connect people, regardless of language or cultural differences.
DS: How did music education get you to where you are today?
Kyle: Without it, we wouldn't be able to effectively communicate ideas when writing parts, or practicing songs as a band. It has given us a foundation to build on. Music is a language, and having music education allows us to learn more about that language, so we can express ourselves in more and more ways.