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Apr 3 - May 18

Donate your books to help low-income families in your community.


people did it
people doing it

Tweet Your Book Drive

Take some tips from your favorite characters from YA literature and use Twitter to help run your book drive!

Harry Potter

GrangerDanger: Hey Hogwarts! 100 points to whatever house collects the most books for the drive! I know no one looked @ a history of magic after 1st year!

ChosenOne342 @GrangerDanger: Why are we collecting books again? Books are boring. Let's collect chocolate frogs! Everyone loves chocolate frogs!

KingWeasley @ChosenOne342 Books are awesome! They can tell great stories & help you defeat dark wizards. Not everyone has a million galleons to spend on them either.


Immortal_Mom: Charlie wants me help out with the town book drive for the local kids, but I don't get it. Wouldn't their kids rather hunt?

SparkleyBoy @Immortal_Mom: Not everyone has a half vampire baby sweetie. Or a super sweet house. Or a virtually endless supply of money. Mortal kids likes books.

Immortal_Mom @SparkelyBoy: Hunh. Ok, I'll bring over some of my old kids books. Will you kill me dinner while I'm out?

RealTeenWolf @I got you Bella. You help the kids, I'll help you.

Hunger Games

Katnip: So...who wants to help with my book drive?

Bakersman @Katnip: Me! I'll help! I'd love to help! I'm the best at book drives! Pick me!

GaleForceWins @Katnip While the other guy was typing, I got 200 books using only my cunning and resourcefulness.

Bakersman: Free roll to anyone who brings in a book!

Katnip @GaleForceWins @Bakersman you're both so charitable. Exactly equally charitable.

What you can you do?

  • Inspire healthy competition. The group who collects the most books wins bragging rights.
  • Tweet about the awesome prizes you can win through collecting books for Epic Book Drive like a kindle.
  • Remind your followers the importance of the book drive. Tweet about what the books they collect will mean to kids in need.