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This campaign is over! In case you missed it, here are the deets.

21 million students a year rely on cafeteria food as their primary source of energy, but the average school lunch is crazy unhealthy. We asked members to upload a pic of their school lunch and vote EAT IT or TOSS IT on others’.

After 576,846 votes, we compiled this report to advocate for better lunches across the country. Thanks to everyone who served up truth!

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Scholarship Winner

Samantha from San Antonio, Texas rocked the campaign won a $4,000 scholarship for college! Here's what Samantha had to say.

"This campaign is important to me because although it is easier and cheaper for schools to give us meals like the ones we're used to, it is not benefiting our health as much as it could be. We should have fresher foods, more fruits, and less processed meals."

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