Make Valentine’s Day cards to show an older adult you care.
Draw a new protagonist to expand the representation of women on screen.
Use social media to publicly boycott products that pollute water.
Get HIV tested and Instagram a pic with “TESTED” on your hand.
Challenge friends to reduce plastic waste with a reusable bottle.
Tell people, “Just because__ doesn’t mean she wants to f*ck.”
Host an editing event to reduce the Wikipedian gender gap.
Create a vision board with a student to set goals for next year.
Create a 'take one, leave one' book swap to promote literacy.
Make a flag that designates a bully-free zone in your school.
Create your own Barbie to combat body misrepresentation.
Educate beachgoers about sustainable seafood to save ocean life.
Create custom jars with safety tips for friends studying abroad.
Make mock magazine covers to promote positive body image.
Prank friends with a meat-free BBQ to improve the planet.
Host a workshop to teach underclassmen safe Internet practices.
Teach your friends how to battle back-to-school stress.
Kidnap your friends’ products that were tested on animals.
Stash our fortune tellers with tips on using condoms around your school.
Make all-natural deodorant to protect friends from chemicals.
Turn non-sporty friends active by creating a new sport with them.
Make a five-minute playlist to help friends take shorter showers.
Save sea turtles by picking up trash before it reaches the ocean.
Show friends how climate change affects the settings of their fav books.
Help reduce the stigma around disability.
Post new restroom signs to demand inclusive options for trans people.
Share stories of incredible female athletes to protest biased media coverage.
Post pro-environmental scripture in your place of worship.
Share the hottest ways to ask for consent without killing the mood.
Write human trafficking hotline info inside clothes you donate.
Create a pop culture-themed bookmark and donate it with an old book.
Reduce stress with a staring contest using your fav celeb's photo.
Host a scrap paper wrapping holiday party to reduce paper waste
Give your friends naughty or nice cards based on their eco habits
Get your dad on the path to a healthy heart.
Make a card and tell Mom to talk to a doctor about breast health.
Promote the nice things your classmates do for each other.
Create a comic that illustrates a way to stop bullying.
Hijack or spoof magazine ads that sexualize or objectify women.
Challenge friends to use only 13 gallons of water in a day.
Locate and unplug energy vampires at school.
Compile messages of support for students experiencing mental illness.
Post a selfie to teach your friends about discrimination towards migrants.
Challenge your sports team to a trash-pickup relay race.
Draw a new princess to join Disney in representing strong women on screen.