What You Did

120,134 Members Participated

85,000+ Thumb Socks Distributed

This campaign is over! In case you missed it, here’s what happened.

At least 59% of young people know texting and driving is dangerous (duh). But 46% drive distracted anyway. Who's most likely to stop your friends from driving dangerously? Umm...YOU!

That's why you distributed over 85,000 pairs of Thumb Socks (yep, little socks for your thumbs) that reminded friends not to text and drive. When we ran out, you started making your own DIY Thumb Socks, which is incredible.

Huge thanks to everyone working to bring texting and driving to a screeching halt. Special shoutout to these members who rocked the socks off this campaign!

The Buzz

Laura Marano Rocked Her Thumb Socks

The star of "Austin & Ally" showed off her love of Thumb Socks (and British accents) in our PSA video. Oh, and don’t worry: Since she asked nicely, we let her keep the Thumb Socks...which we’re sure she gave to a friend to keep them from texting and driving.

Congrats to…

Hold on! We’re still sifting through the (amazing) submissions you sent to choose a winner. We’ll email you and post his or her name here soon!

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