Play this game to learn how to stop a friend from driving drunk.
Share stories of hate crimes to protest the media's biased coverage.
Host a workshop to teach underclassmen safe Internet practices.
Learn and share tips (all on your phone!) to help someone quit smoking.
Create activity books for children in hospitals.
Get The Filter Out! Clean up cigarette butt litter.
Make and share Thumb Socks to reduce texting and driving.
Learn ridiculous (and effective!) ways to keep friends safer on the road.
Collect toilet paper for a food bank while trick-or-treating.
Collect backpacks by going door-to-door in your neighborhood.
Show your friends that trash clean-ups can be fun.
Create a welcome home banner for a veteran’s new home.
Make all-natural deodorant to protect friends from chemicals.
Flood online retailers with one-star reviews of racist costumes.
Create a vision board with a student to set goals for next year.
Team up with friends to win this bullying game on your phone.
Donate gently used SAT books to a library for students in need.
Fight cancer just by swabbing your cheek.
Collect used phones to fund health programs in Africa and Asia.
Create a Wish List so family can donate pet supplies to shelters.
Run a dress drive so everyone can feel their best at prom.
Donate board games to a local family shelter.
Host a Dr. Seuss book drive to benefit kids in family shelters.
Run a competitive drive to collect books for low-income areas.
Donate bags of daily essentials to a local homeless shelter.
Send in band-aids to stock a shelter's first-aid supply.
Collect gift cards to donate to domestic violence shelters.
Offer to be your parents' designated driver to keep them safe.
Volunteer with friends at a soup kitchen around the holiday season.
Make a sign sharing a soldier's experience in the service.
Host senior-frosh socials to ease the transition to a new school!
Host one at your school and help stock blood banks.
Collect food outside your supermarket for a local food bank.
Host a causey family game night with a classic board game.
Host a back-to-school fashion show and collect clothing for shelters.
Host an event to customize your school's anti-bullying policy.
Run a voter registration booth at your school.
Host a library dance party to de-stress friends during finals.
Host a beach-themed party to promote DIY tanning alternatives
Host a dog wash to collect donated supplies for animal shelters.
Host a college advice event with high schoolers and alumni.
Host a basketball tournament at your local Boys & Girls Club.
Do puzzles with a kindergarten class in your community.
Host a homecoming-themed career panel to increase job readiness.
Host a book club that reads text by or about marginalized groups.
Host a birthday party to honor an LGBT figure in history.
Host a closure party to combat negative effects of breakups.
Collect cereal for your local food bank.
Bring dogs to campus so students can de-stress during exams.
Go caroling for older adults experiencing isolation this holiday season.
Host a manicure party at a senior center to fight isolation.
Host a costumed cleanup wearing anything but clothes.
Host a gardening shindig in a local green space.
Skip presents: have friends donate to animals for your b-day.
Locate and unplug energy vampires at school.
Challenge your sports team to a trash-pickup relay race.
Pull a positive prank on your school by cleaning up in secret.
Complete a seed-bombing mission to beautify your favorite places.
Create art urging shoppers to buy organic fruits and veggies.
Create homemade bubble blowing kits for kids at a family shelter.
Make an end-of-the-year playlist to support your fave teacher.
Host an editing event to reduce the Wikipedian gender gap.
Make an ABCs poster for a classroom to increase literacy.
Make campfire safety plaques with tips for campers.
Give bees a safe haven by planting bumble bands.
Create a 'take one, leave one' book swap to promote literacy.
Make a flag that designates a bully-free zone in your school.
Fight senioritis by taking friends to a kindergarten classroom.
Make a birthday card for a child experiencing homelessness.
Prank friends with a meat-free BBQ to improve the planet.
Share your feelings publicly to decrease stigma of counseling services.
Host a party to upcycle candy wrappers into awesome crafts.
Make a wall for classmates to post their New Year’s resolutions.
Start a rebel book club with your friends.
Promote the nice things your classmates do for each other.
Compile messages of support for students experiencing mental illness.
Provide free child care for parents earning their GED.
Urge your school cafeteria to serve vegetarian meals on Mondays.
Walk a dog to help a senior stay injury-free this winter.
Donate extra cafeteria food to a homeless shelter in your town.
Socialize cats at your local shelter to increase adoption rates.
Help owners create a disaster plan for their pets.
Host a trash-free tailgate to make cheering for your team eco-friendly.
Start an inclusive kickball team in your neighborhood.
Start a walking club to reduce your neighborhood's diabetes risk.
Start a sports club where all the players wear costumes.
Take down sexism with your friends with one word and 10 push-ups.
Host a badass book swap to introduce your friends to new books.
Start an improv theater group to decrease dropout rates.
Hunt down job openings with friends to create a local job board.
Post notes on school mirrors to improve people’s self-esteem.
Create and share handmade postcards encouraging smokers to quit.
Post flyers with a helpful hotline number for homeless youth.
Host a Twitter debate with friends about a hot news headline.
Post stickers for a crisis text hotline in school bathrooms.
Find homes for shelter animals by acting as a pet publicist.
Highlight racial microaggressions through Instagram videos.
Send a thank you card to rangers who protect endangered species.
Ask social influencers to publicly support LGBTQ rights.
Share tactics on how you overcame bullying.
Give library-card forms to younger students, Harry Potter style.
Create holiday cards urging people to adopt pets from shelters.
Fame a friend’s unique talents to help land their dream school.
Create your own Barbie to combat body misrepresentation.
Educate beachgoers about sustainable seafood to save ocean life.
Distribute scholarship info for undocumented students.
Create custom jars with safety tips for friends studying abroad.
Make mock magazine covers to promote positive body image.
Make a Valentine's Day card encouraging a smoker to quit.
Trick-or-treat as a famous feline to get shelter cats adopted.
Teach your friends how to battle back-to-school stress.
Fight ageism by recreating an old photo of a badass senior.
Using our guide, challenge a guy to stand up to sexual assault.
Run a school-wide ad campaign to reduce the use of dipping tobacco.
Thank your old school counselor by making a selfie collage.
Parody the lyrics of a sexist top-40 song.
Make a steamy five-minute playlist to help friends take shorter showers.
Flyer truck stop bathrooms with sex trafficking hotline info.
Make cards so friends can call help for injured wildlife.
Hold a musical chairs-inspired clothing swap.
Team up with friends to win this bullying game on your phone.
Show friends how climate change affects the settings of their fav books.
Demand high-speed Internet at your school with a badass photo.
Hijack or spoof magazine ads that sexualize or objectify women.
Read from “Captain Underpants” in class to protest censorship.
Protest styrofoam by making petitions out of cafeteria plates.
Run a musical walk out to defend music program funding at school.
Create and share art to demand funding for school art programs.
Post a selfie to teach your friends about unjust deportation.
Play a pop up concert in school to show music ed is important.
Tweet at your school board about decisions that impact students.
Challenge your friends to carry all their trash for one day.
Protest for your college's apparel to be made in fair conditions.
Challenge friends to reduce plastic waste with a reusable bottle.
Make T-shirts with friends to rally for CPR class at school.
Turn street harassment into empowerment.
Start a petition to demand accessible spaces on your campus.
Use social media to publicly boycott products that pollute water.
Turn your morning announcements into anti-bullying training.
Deface or remove fat-shaming headlines on magazine covers.
Introduce a tradition to improve your team's sportsmanship.
Create a visual petition to protest youth solitary confinement.
Tag cars at gun stores with info about gun safety.
Flyer a playground with important info about car seat safety.
Kidnap your friends’ products that were tested on animals.
Show your parents how climate change can affect the things they love.
Flyer your campus with sexy tips on consensual sex.
Go to a store and designate a “Sexist Section” of CDs and DVDs.
Demand more non-sexy Halloween costume options for girls.
Flag ivory items on Craigslist to stop elephant poaching.
Post new restroom signs to demand inclusive options for trans people.
Share stories of incredible female athletes to protest biased media coverage.
Post inspirational sports quotes in gyms and locker rooms.
Share anonymous compliments to combat verbal bullying.
Learn and cook a traditional recipe with an older adult.
Host a drive to collect gently-used sports equipment.
Turn non-sporty friends active by creating a new sport with them.
Draw a new princess urging Disney to show strong women on screen.
Demand Merriam-Webster Dictionary change its racist definition of the word "nude."
Paint recycling bins to increase recycling.
Decorate bins to designate plastic bag recycling.
Donate eyeglasses to fund eye care programs for people in need.
Save sea turtles by picking up trash before it reaches the ocean.
Create dog toys to donate to your local animal shelter.
Make a cape for your dog to bust myths about pets from shelters.
Hold a concert to brighten the day of senior center residents.
Host a dance class at your local senior center.
Get HIV tested and Instagram a pic with “TESTED” on your hand.
Tell people, “Just because__ doesn’t mean she wants to f*ck.”
Challenge classmates to not use masculine/feminine pronouns for a day.
Reduce sexual assault by sharing hot tips on consensual sex.
Make a card and tell Mom to talk to a doctor about breast health.
Create a comic that illustrates a way to stop bullying.
Challenge friends to use only 13 gallons of water in a day.
Bake cookies to say thanks to the firefighters in your community.
Make chalk art on street storm drains to protect local waterways.
Take photos to share resources with survivors of sexual assault.
Swap stories with an older adult you love to decrease isolation.
Create masks and capes for children experiencing homelessness.
Five days. One challenge. No oil. The world is in your hands.
Remind pet owners to not leave their furry friends in hot cars.
Rock campaigns inspired by Nickelodeon HALO Awards 2014 honorees.
Make an impact with the Manitou Nation October 18-19.
Join the older adults you love in fighting ageism, depression, and isolation.
Take action to stop climate change and protect our planet.
Team up with Kelly Osbourne to shut down bullies.
Scare the sh*t out of apathy this Halloween.
Protest unfair and harsh discipline practices to advocate for change.
Use your tote for good and win a $300 Garage Shopping Spree.