Make the world suck less. Choose a campaign below to get started.

Recycle old or worn-out clothes to help our planet.
Run a workshop for your friends to teach them personal finance tips.
Teach your friends to manage their money with just their phone.
Challenge friends to stand up to bullying on their phones
Collect peanut butter for your local food bank.
Send friends a text baby to start the convo on teen pregnancy.
Complete a seed-bombing mission to beautify your favorite places.
Help owners create a disaster plan for their pets.
Challenge your friends to carry all their trash for one day.
Host a park cleanup wearing anything but clothes.
Make your mom a personalized card telling her to get a mammogram.
Run a dress drive so everyone can feel their best at prom.
Start a petition to demand all-gender bathrooms in your dorm.
Host an Oppression Monopoly game night to learn about inequality.
Skip presents: have friends donate to animals for your b-day.
Compile messages of support for students experiencing mental illness.
Host a board game night to collect games for a family shelter.
Host a Twitter debate with friends about a hot news headline.
Find homes for shelter pets by acting as a pet publicist.
Socialize cats at your local shelter to increase adoption rates.
Send thank you cards to those who protect endangered species.
Run a voter registration booth at your school.
Host a trash-free tailgate to make cheering for your team eco-friendly.
Live tweet a school board meeting & show its decisions to friends.
Implement a disaster plan for older adults this hurricane season.
Start an inclusive kickball team in your neighborhood.
Create art urging shoppers to buy organic fruits and veggies.
Get HIV tested and Instagram a pic with “TESTED” on your hand.
Protest for your college's apparel to be made in fair conditions.
Create and mail a welcome banner to send a new home celebration.
Host senior-frosh socials to ease the transition to a new school!
Create and share handmade postcards encouraging smokers to quit.
Promote the nice things your classmates do for each other.
Create a comic that illustrates a way to stop bullying.
Hijack or spoof magazine ads that sexualize or objectify women.
Challenge friends to use only 13 gallons of water in a day.
Host one at your school and help stock blood banks.
Let the odds be ever in your favor in this competitive food drive.
Post a selfie to teach your friends about unjust deportation.
Mail a thank you postcard to a doctor helping patients abroad.