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Hannah Gives 'Er, Gets Award
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Last night on VH1, two-time Olympic medalist Hannah Teter took home the Do Something Award in the Athlete category for 2010. Now, if Teter were up against fellow shreds we'd peg her for a shoe-in on this award but Hannah beat out the likes of Steve Nash, Reggie Bush, Derek Jeter and Ryan Sheckler. Sorry, fellas, but Hannah grew up with four older brothers...

U.S. Snowboard Team's Hannah Teter Wins Vh1 Do Something Award
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Two-time Olympic halfpipe medalist Hannah Teter (Belmont, VT) won Vh1's 2010 Do Something! Athlete Award. Teter's fellow nominees included Reggie Bush, Ryan Sheckler, Derek Jeter and Steve Nash. The show, hosted by Glee's Jane Lynch, was broadcast live from the Hollywood Palladium on July 19.

Nominee Profile: Reggie Bush

This athlete has attracted a lot of media attention not only because of his football career but also because of his philanthropic work.

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Steve Nash, Ryan Sheckler, Derek Jeter, Hannah Teeter, Reggie Bush 'Do Something Awards' nominees
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Steve Nash, Ryan Sheckler, Derek Jeter, Hannah Teeter, and Reggie Bush are sports figures are nominated for the 2010’ Do Something Awards’ in the ‘Sport’ category. You can vote for your favorite sport figure by going to the VH1 Do Something Awards. Honoring the nation’s world changers 25 and under, this award show is about social action in America. The nominees as well as the winner represent people and organizations that are doing something about their field, cause or even an issue.
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