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Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift Top Charitable Celebs List announces its 2010 'Celebs Gone Good' roundup.
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MTV News already recognized Lady Gaga as being the most important Woman of the Year (and our most fashionable), but we weren't the only ones taking notice: listed their top 20 most charitable celebrities of 2010, and unsurprisingly, Gaga took the #1 spot.

Lady Gaga Tops List of Most Charitable Stars 2010
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Lady Gaga tops new lists of the Top 20 Celebs Gone Good in 2010. Alica Keys takes second spot! Its good to see celebrities giving back. Lady Gaga, a leader in gay rights issues, takes the No. 1 spot on a new list of the Top 20 Celebs Gone Good this year.Alicia Keys who is devoted to fighting HIV and AIDS was the runner up.


Kathy Griffin, Alyssa Milano at the Do Something Awards
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Social Media Enabling Non-Profits
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Young Activists: Good and Ready to Do Something
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2010 VH1 Do Something Awards Recap
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Watch Honoring Good Guys at VH1’s Do Something Awards 2010 Video
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Watch Honoring Good Guys at VH1’s Do Something Awards 2010 Video Online: Some of Hollywood’s most giving stars were honored at VH1’s Do Something Awards, hosted by Jane Lynch. Hollywood 411 caught up with Kathy Griffin, Christina Applegate, Kellan Lutz, Alyssa Milano and others at the show’s red carpet.

Kathy Griffin, Alyssa Milano at the Do Something Awards
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We caught up with the celebs on the red carpet...

2010 VH1 Do Something! Awards
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The award show aimed at honouring "young world-changers 25 an under" brought some fresh - and some not-so-fresh - faces to Hollywood. View the entire photo gallery here
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