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Zac Efron gives toys to sick tots

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Looks like Santa Claus will be going by a new name this year... and that name is Zac Efron! On Friday, Zac decided to spread some holiday cheer by visiting L.A.'s Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA and help pass out $10,000 worth of toys to patients!

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And now a word from our founder!

Andrew Shue
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CGG caught up with Melrose Place alum Andrew Shue at Do Something’s Social Action Boot Camp in NYC yesterday, where he was bursting with pride while talking about the org that he and a friend started back when he was the Zac Efron of prime time television!

Zac Efron knows what is up

So we've been at the DNC all week long and if there's one thing we've heard a million times it's get out there and vote!

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Exclusive: Zac Efron at Teen Choice

Loved talking with Zac on the red carpet, which was actually blue because it was made of recycled bottles, which I guess also makes it green...? Whatever.

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