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Action Tips: Give a Class Presentation about Your Cause

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Educate your peers.


Presenting to your homeroom or your class doesn't have to cause you stress (I mean, you're too young to be pulling out your hair!). Put together an amazing presentation using the following steps.

Step 1

Find an audience. Is it for a school assignment? Then it will probably for your classmates and teacher. Not for a school assignment? Find a teacher that will let you spend some time in class telling students about your cause and why it’s important to them.


Action Tips: Have a Class or School-wide Debate

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Speak up for your rights at school!


Are you always the one who silences your friends during an argument by proving a good point? The one who speaks up in class? Do you always win a game of Trivial Pursuit? If so, you should think about organizing (and participating in, of course) a classroom or school wide debate. This is a great way to spread awareness on a specific cause you care about. Just make sure you get all the quiet kids to participate, too.


How To: Create a Survey About an Important Issue

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Be creative and cause-y.

Not only can surveys be very powerful, but they can also increase awareness about a cause you care about. Your survey results can give you information about what people think and believe about specific issues/topics. 

How To: Run a Collection Drive

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Urge others to support your cause with a drive.
  1. Get the go ahead. You don’t want to get on your principal’s bad side so first make sure that he or she is okay with this sort of thing.
  2. Get your teachers on board. Have the teachers promise to do something crazy if you reach a certain goal, like promise to wear a ridiculous t-shirt to work or shave their heads. The hope of punishing a teacher has a certain way of inspiring people.
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