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Action Tips: Make Your Backyard Biodiverse

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Ways you can spruce up your yard!


Can you imagine a world without panda bears or tigers? Well, that can become a reality if we don't do anything to stop it. Help encourage species from becoming threatened and endangered by conserving natural resources that are readily available in your yard and in the yards of others. 

Mow less often

Keeping your lawn tall allows the grass to retain more water and shades the soil from the brutal sun.

Water wisely

You want your lawn to be hydrated, but you don’t want to drown it. Limit watering to three times a week (less if rain is in the forecast).

How To: Help Animals Leave Shelters Alive

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11 ways to help animals find a home.

animal shelter pets

Follow these 11 tips and help an animal leave a shelter alive and loved.

How To: Lead a Clean Water Awareness Exercise

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Use this scientific experiment to raise awareness.
Rain Water

Imagine what it would be like if you were forced to rely on the bodies of water near your house to help you cook, do laundry, even simply drink water. Raise awareness with your classmates by conducting this exercise that educates people about the struggle to find water in the developing world.


How To: Tell If Your Friend is Clinically Depressed

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Are they showing signs of these symptoms?

Remember how bad you felt when you bombed that paper you worked so hard on? Or when you got into a really awful fight with your BFF? Imagine that feeling – only a million times worse. And you can't shake it. That's how a person suffering from depression feels.


How To: Fight Puppy Mills

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Help protect companion animals by fighting against the puppy mill industry.

Dog behind a cage

Puppy mills are large commercial breeding facilities where living conditions for animals are inhumane. Think of it like a factory for animals: dogs are a product made for profit. They are kept in small cages their entire lives in unsanitary conditions without attention, let alone love, and are bred as often as possible. Not surprisingly, this can lead to tons of health problems.

How To: Make a Risk Map of Your Community

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You can help your community to realize the risk of a disaster that may happen and take preventative action.

girl drawing

You can help your community realize the risk a potential disaster poses. (Honestly, how ready are you for that next tornado? Or earthquake or fire?) One way is to draw up a hazard and risk map of your community. Here are the steps you can follow:

Action Tips: Combat Smog

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Ways to lower car emissions, locally.


Most states, but not all, require cars to get a smog emissions test. And there are plenty that aren't nearly strict enough, allowing generous exceptions. Take matters into your own hands and work to reduce smog. Wage a local campaign against emissions.

Be an expert

Do some library research or chat with local mechanics to learn how people can reduce or eliminate smog. Grab interesting facts like:


How To: Volunteer at a Crisis Center

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What you can do.

People trying to recover from a crisis need to feel like what they say and think matters. When you volunteer at a crisis center you make it possible for even the smallest voice to be heard.


Action Tips: Collect Testimonies About Why Parenthood Can Wait

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Spread awareness by getting everyone involved!

Teens jumping

Sometimes when it comes to making an impact, you need some help to get your voice heard. Get friends and classmates involved and spread awareness about why becoming a mom or dad can wait. 

Ask a Big Question

Come up with a personal question, something better than "Is teen pregnancy bad?" Try:

  • What are the reasons you don't want to be a parent yet?
  • Do you have a dream that you can't accomplish as a teen parent?


Action Tips: Hold Musical Performances Around Town

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... and raise awareness about music education!

Boy with a saxophone

We've all seen the crowd street performers can gather. Take a note outta their music book and showcase your talents AND raise awareness about music education. (Sweet!) Here's how:

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