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Action Tips: Write or Start a Petition

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Write or start a petition for your cause.
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Writing a petition is a great way to encourage change or peacefully protest a policy. To get your petition started, ask yourself these four key questions:

Action Tips: Host a Movie Screening

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Host a movie screening at your school to raise awareness and funds.

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This is an easy and effective way to spread the word and teach while keeping students engaged at the same time. You can present a movie regarding gay rights, global warming, anything you’re passionate about. Let the film do the talking for you.


Action Tips: Write a Letter To an Elected Official

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letter to an elected official

Writing Letter

You've probably heard a bazillion times from teachers, websites, and anyone who hears you complain about something in your community: "Why don't you write a letter?" So now we are saying it too: WRITE A LETTER! Officials will listen, especially if they are local leaders.

Find The Right Person

Figure out who should get your letter.

Who you choose is up to you but local officials are usually best. Click your way to your town's website to find the names and addresses of town and school officials.

Action Tips: Write a Poem to Create Awareness

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Write a poem to create awareness

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Writing a poem about something that really bothers you can help you vent without losing your cool; it can put you in touch with why exactly the issue bothers you; it can help you spread the word. Once you’ve written a poem, you should be proud and share it with friends and family. You can even go to an open mic night at the nearest café, or enter to read your poem in a poetry slam win a prize, of course.

How To: Start an Awareness Campaign About Your Cause

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Raise awareness for your cause--anywhere!
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There are tons of people out there who don’t know much about your cause or how many people it affects. Here are some tips on how to start an awareness campaign about a cause you care about.

How To: Run a Collection Drive

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Urge others to support your cause with a drive.
  1. Get the go ahead. You don’t want to get on your principal’s bad side so first make sure that he or she is okay with this sort of thing.
  2. Get your teachers on board. Have the teachers promise to do something crazy if you reach a certain goal, like promise to wear a ridiculous t-shirt to work or shave their heads. The hope of punishing a teacher has a certain way of inspiring people.
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