How To: Tell If Your Friend is Clinically Depressed

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Are they showing signs of these symptoms?

Remember how bad you felt when you bombed that paper you worked so hard on? Or when you got into a really awful fight with your BFF? Imagine that feeling – only a million times worse. And you can't shake it. That's how a person suffering from depression feels.


How To: Make a Risk Map of Your Community

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You can help your community to realize the risk of a disaster that may happen and take preventative action.

girl drawing

You can help your community realize the risk a potential disaster poses. (Honestly, how ready are you for that next tornado? Or earthquake or fire?) One way is to draw up a hazard and risk map of your community. Here are the steps you can follow:

Action Tips: Collect Testimonies About Why Parenthood Can Wait

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Spread awareness by getting everyone involved!

Teens jumping

Sometimes when it comes to making an impact, you need some help to get your voice heard. Get friends and classmates involved and spread awareness about why becoming a mom or dad can wait. 

Ask a Big Question

Come up with a personal question, something better than "Is teen pregnancy bad?" Try:

  • What are the reasons you don't want to be a parent yet?
  • Do you have a dream that you can't accomplish as a teen parent?


Action Tips: Use Texting to Fight Dating Abuse

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10 ways on how.

Teens texting
  1. Don’t pass on a mean message or embarrassing picture of a classmate.
  2. Save an anti-gossip pledge to your phone. When you receive a mean message, send that person back the pledge saying that you won’t spread negative words or images.
  3. If someone is harassing you by text, save them and show someone who can help.
  4. Educate your peers on dating violence by making a short video, public service announcement or meaningful image, and share it via text!
  5. Know someone overcoming dating abuse?

How To: Handle a Bully

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Follow these tips to become someone who intervenes.

girls gossiping

We got the chance to talk with bullying expert Rosalind Wiseman and she gave us some amazeballs tips on how to handle bullying, whether you're the victim or a bystander.


8 Tips for Saving This Holiday

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Unique ways to save on gifts.


Still have to buy presents for family and friends, but running a little tight on cash?  Check out these money saving ideas that will not only wow, but give your wallet a much needed break. 

Action Tips: Become an Activist

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How to make that!

Human Rights Day is the world’s opportunity to “advocate for the full enjoyment of all human rights by everyone everywhere.” In other words, today perfect day for YOU to take action on something YOU care about. Bullying? Homelessness? The environment? Whatever it is, use this guide for small steps that lead to a big impact.

11 Ways to Give This Holiday Season

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...all based on your hobbies!

Looking for a way to give back this holiday season? No worries, we've got you covered.  And even better – these are activities you’d probably be doing anyways...but now you can do them for a cause! 


How to Make a Tubmlr for a Cause

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Tips on how to spread awareness if your cause through Tumblr.

We know what it feels like to have your passion bottled up inside with no way out (it sucks). But don’t stress because we gotcha covered. Share your passion with the world by starting a cause-y Tumblr.  


Action Tips: Post Energy Saving Tips Through Social Media

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Post these stats to your networks.

Boy on Computer

We know you've got a massive following online. Use your popularity to encourage others to save energy by posting the following tips.

  • Change your lights to CFL bulbs.
  • Seal or insulate your home with weather-strips.
  • Change your AC filters every three months.
  • Try to cut your shower time in half this week.
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