Project Cleanup

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Great Job!

Over 300,000 pieces of trash have been cleaned up!

Project Cleanup is now closed.

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why trash?
  • Litter is costly: Litter clean up costs the US more than $11.5 billion each year

  • Litter is dangerous: Litter on roadways nationwide causes 25,000 accidents each year and more than 80 fatalities

  • Litter is ugly: Neighborhoods with visible litter have lower property values and higher crime rates

  • Litter is solvable: People are less likely to dump trash in clean areas. Keeping your community litter free reduces future clean up needs

More Facts
  • Cleaning up litter is the #1 volunteer activity for youth in America

  • 80% of litter is the result of men

  • 76% of all littering is done by people under the age of 26

  • People that clean up litter tend to live longer, happier lives

Even More Facts
  • Litter comes from the French word litiere, meaning portable bed

  • The French word litiere comes from the Latin lectus, used to describe the sundry straw found in bedding starting in the 15th century

  • On average, each mile of US roadways has 6,729 pieces of litter

  • If you litter, you are a jerk

Yes, we have even more facts
  • Ingesting litter causes injury or death to thousands of pets, wild, and farm animals each year

  • Cigarette butts are the most littered item in the world, with 4.5 trillion discarded annually

  • 80% of marine debris originates as land based litter

  • "Don't Mess with Texas" is the official anti-litter slogan of the state

Only way to see more facts is to click here
  • Discarded wool socks can take up to 5 years to biodegrade

  • Plastic bottle will never naturally biodegrade

  • Washington state has the lowest rate of littering

  • Kentucky is America's most littered state

Enjoying yourself? We can go all day
  • 90% of women would not date a man who litters

  • Cleaning up trash is great idea for a first date

  • The twitter account has only 15 followers and tweets mostly in stream of thought format. Example: "maple syrup redux softly tossed against a real cowboys shirt"

  • The only thing worse than littering is hoarding. Do not hoard.

What are you still doing here?
  • The term "litterbug" was coined by Paul B. Gioni, a copywriter in New York City who originated it for The American Ad Council in 1947

  • The crying Native American from the 1970's anti-littering campaigns was named Iron Eyes Cody. He died on January 4th, 1999.

  • Littering is illegal in all 50 states

  • A man in eastern Kentucky was sentenced to 12 months jail time for littering in 2008. He was released in 2009.

Fact: you will click on this
  • There are 51,500,000 Google search results for "litter"

  • There are 65,800 results for "I hate litter"

  • #YOLO

  • In 2009 a man from Pontypidd, England was fined £340 for tossing a banana peel out of his car window. Pick up yo' peels!

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