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Apr 3 - May 18

Donate your books to help low-income families in your community.


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people doing it

11 Kid's Books For a Cause

Bullying and Violence—Bridge to Teribithia by Katherine Paterson

Jess and Leslie are able to escape their bully by entering a magical world of their imagination.

Environment—Hoot by Carl Hiaasen

Roy Andrew Eberhardt doesn't just sit back and let a pancake house replace and important part of his town's eco-system, he takes action and does something.

Homelessness—The Boxcar Children By Gertrude Chandler Warner

When the Alden kids become homeless they're lucky enough to find shelter and earn some money to eat, but when Violet gets sick it's obvious they, like other homeless children and teens need the help of others to survive.

Discrimination—Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry-Mildred D. Taylor

Stacey, Christopher-John, and Little Man are constantly dealing with injustice and threat of harm growing up in the south in the 1930s because of the color of their skin.

Disaster—Out of the Dust By Karen Hesse

Now when you think of natural disasters you might think of wet weather like hurricanes and floods, but in the 1930s it's droughts and dust storms that they create that force people out of their homes and fight to survive.

Animals—Shiloh By Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Normally stealing adorable dogs is frowned upon, but Marty was saving poor little Shiloh from a life of abuse and neglect at the hands of a mean spirited, alcoholic owners.

Our Troop—Lizzy's Crossing By Patricia Reilly Giff

Liliy's desperation to see her father while he's fighting in WWII shows how much the families out troops leave behind miss them while they're overseas.

Human Rights—Number the Stars By Lois Lowery

Annemarie proves her bravery when she and her family risk their own lives to protect her best friend from the Natzi's during World War II, when the Natzis were stripping Jewish people of all their human rights.

Mental Health—Dicey's Song By Cynthia Voigt

Dicey and her brothers and sister have to come to terms with the fact their mother will never recover from her severe mental illness.

Education—Matilda By Rhoald Dahl

Not many kids access to education are blocked by their parents or principal, but students like Matilda can have the desire to learn but have other road blocks like a poor school system standing in their way.

Health—Freak the Mighty

Kevin has a great imagination but his ability to play is limited by his morquio syndrome, a birth defect.

What Can You Do?

Once you've picked out the story, drop off the book starting April 3rd.