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people doing it

Bella, Katniss, Harry, or Percy by the Stats

We’re two weeks into our Epic Book Drive quiz and we have some interesting stats for you.

  • Almost HALF of you are Bella (at 42%). Proving that there are a large majority of you that are kind-hearted, compassionate towards family & friends, and have a bitingly sarcastic sense of humor.
  • Those of you who got Katniss are much more likely to hang out on our website. Probably because you are searching our site for 11 Arena Survival Tips!
  • All you Harry’s out there are most likely coming to the site from Tumblr. Who knew there was such a strong wizarding presence on the popular microblogging platform. If your social networking website of choice is either Facebook or Twitter, you’re most likely Bella.
  • Harry’s computer of choice would obviously be an Apple. Proving once and for all what mac users have long suspected—Apples are magical.

Think you can prove these stats wrong? It’s not too late to get in on the action. Take the “Which Book Character Are You?” quiz now and share with your friends.