Starbucks Foundation

Starbucks Foundation
  • How Much? up to $30,000
  • How Many? varies
  • Deadline: December 15, 2013

We believe young people have the potential and power to change the world for the better. They have the ability to assess the unique needs of their communities and to create meaningful change. We aim to support young people leading positive change.

The Starbucks Foundation will solicit applications from organizations that provide young people a continuum of services in developing creative approaches to address pressing concerns in their communities. Please complete a letter of inquiry for your organization. The Starbucks Foundation will contact you if we'd like to request a full grant proposal.

We also strongly encourage organizations to include information in their proposal about how they exhibit one or more of the following elements:

Youth are active in the leadership of the organization. Examples include: youth advisors, youth on the board, and organizations created by youth
Development opportunities for youth. Examples include: provide trainings within the organization, external conferences, or youth convenings
Telling the stories of emerging young leaders. Examples include: newsletters, public performances and other communication outreach
Demonstration of a commitment to building bridges of understanding between and among different youth communities
Opportunities to reach youth who otherwise would not have the opportunity to develop leadership skills in an area unfamiliar to them
Opportunities for youth to gain knowledge of and experience with people of different cultural, racial, economic, religious and ethnic backgrounds
Intended Outcomes

Organizations will be asked to provide information regarding these outcomes at the end of the grant period:

Describe how the community benefited from youth participating in the program
Describe how youth participants engage in the community in addition to the program
Total number of youth service hours as part of this grant
Describe how youth benefited from providing service to the community
Describe how Starbucks partners help advance the organization and help young people
Number of Starbucks partners participating in activities with the organization
Total number of Starbucks partners community service hours with the organization
Application Process

Starbucks places a high value on local partner (our name for employees) engagement in their communities. For that reason we focused on supporting organizations located in communities in which we have retail stores and ask our Starbucks partners (employees) to help us discover and recommend qualifying organizations. Based on this collaborative approach with our local partners, The Starbucks Foundation will only solicit grant applications from qualifying organizations. The Starbucks Foundation reviews the submissions on an annual basis.

Grant size and expectations: $10,000 to $30,000(USD) on average. Funding will be considered based on numbers of beneficiaries served, geographic reach, organizational capacity, and size of operating budget.


Successful grant applicants will exhibit all of the following qualities:

Deliver services to youth, ages 6 - 24
Preference will be given to organizations that focus on young people in the age range of 12 and older, when they are able to take independent action
Provides opportunity to combine learning with action that support communities and further global citizenship
Deliver services, disseminate information, provide training and/or build broad networks
Provide opportunities for Starbucks partners and multiple stores to be engaged in community service

Eligible Organizations for Starbucks Foundation Grants
The following types of organizations are eligible to request funding from The Starbucks Foundation:

U.S. applicants must be tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations as defined under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Applicants outside the United States must be charitable in purpose and identified as nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) or the equivalent of a tax-exempt nonprofit organization.