The Hunt

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Over 11 days, over 36,543 people

took action on 11 causes

improving their communities 9,274 times

Hunt Challenges

The Actions

The actions will be released at 10:30am EST daily starting July 16th

What to do

Each day has two actions you can choose on one cause.

The first action is about educating your friends and family on social media.

The second is a real world action that helps your community.

Do one or both! Make sure to take a picture of every community action you take (yknow, the non-Instagram ones) to upload below for your chance to be in our national commercial!

Day 1: Don't be Trashy

Day 2: Help the Homeless

Day 3: Literacy for All

Day 4: No Bullies Allowed

Day 5: Sexism Sucks

Day 6: Play Ball

Day 7: Be an Ally

Day 8: Puppy Patrol

Day 9: Continental Thirst

Day 10: Be Prepared

Day 11: Apathy Sucks

The Hunt
The Hunt
The Hunt

Scholarship Winner

Congrats to Rebecca for winning the $4,000 scholarship!

Scholarship Winner

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Frequently Asked Questions

What was The Hunt?

The Hunt was an 11 day campaign focused on 11 different causes. The goal of the campaign was to show the world all the awesome ways that teens take action in their community.

Are you going to use all of the pictures?

We are going to use as many as possible. The better the picture, the better chance that we’ll use it!

When will the scholarship winner be announced?

We’ll announce the winner by the end of August.

You didn’t answer my question!

Sorry about that! Email Greg at and he’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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