Rights and Responsibilities

Being A Do Something Affiliate: Rights and Responsibilities

We’ve given a lot of thought to this. We believe you should have a lot of autonomy to reflect your own culture, but we also want the Do Something brand to stand for something. So we’ve come up with these carefully balanced guidelines.

We’ve established a Membership Committee comprised of board, staff, and youth advisory council members, representatives from partner organizations, and will include representatives from Do Something international affiliates in good standing. This Membership Committee shapes and enforces the guidelines below.

Do Something affiliates:

  • will be separately incorporated not-for-profit entities within the local jurisdictions in which they are licensed to operate and have their own by-laws.
  • will adopt the name “Do Something” or a culturally appropriate equivalent, subject to Do Something Membership Committee approval.
  • will pay an annual licensing fee of 5000 USD.
  • will appoint their own board of directors and raise their own funds.
  • will appoint its own local "youth advisory council."
  • will adopt a statement of purpose subject to approval by Do Something’s membership committee.
  • will be responsible for all issues and costs related to the start-up process, e.g., legal, financial and tax issues (including registration as a charity or other tax deductible receipts status) and fundraising and building relationships with sponsors, partners, service providers, celebrities and other related youth organizations.
  • will hire and retain its own staff and volunteers and be responsible for all its own operating costs and expenses, including (without limitation) costs of incorporation, salaries, office space, equipment, marketing costs.
  • will have its finances independently audited and reported to Do Something (and the public).
  • will obtain and contract with its own sponsors, partners, service providers, celebrities and the like to further the Do Something mission and projects.
  • will create a local affiliate website, in conjunction with Do Something standards, which sets forth the affiliate's programs, grants, clubs, campaigns, bootcamps and other projects which provides a link to Do Something, Inc's website (and vice versa). Website is subject to Do Something membership committee approval.
  • will submit periodic dashboards and annual reports to Do Something reporting:
    • Reach
    • Impact
    • Governance
  • are independent from each other and from Do Something Inc.