11 Things to Do During Fall Semester

The last lingering days of summer are gone – hey there, fall. Not that we're complaining, but we get it. Saying bye to summer is hard. Try and distract yourself from the bittersweet ending by planning your fall activities. Here are 11 suggestions for you:

  1. Remember that old cell phone you threw in your desk (and probably forgot about until now) when you upgraded? Well, it can help survivors of domestic violence. Donate them today. 
  2. Mow the lawn and rake leaves for your elderly neighbor, community center, or place of worship.
  3. Start a Do Something club.
  4. Run a collection drive with your sports team, homeroom, or other school group. You can start by collecting school supplies and electronic waste.
  5. Start a school compost bin.
  6. Save some lives at your next party. Seriously. Give us your spit and potentially save the live of someone with bone cancer.
  7. Host Friday night football game tailgates that are eco-friendly.
  8. Start a mentoring program that pairs new and transfer students with volunteers that show them around school.
  9. Write and perform a play dealing with dating abuse, teen homelessness, or any cause.
  10. How would you handle a bully? Step up to the challenge with The Bully Text
  11. Set up a tutoring program just in time for college application season.

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