Barack Obama 1 Year Teen Report Card

Obama Teen Survey


January 21, 2010 marks the one year anniversary of the Obama administration. Young people voted in historic numbers for Barack Obama (and Senator McCain) last year. And although too young to vote, teens were politically active in record numbers. We wondered, how are those young people feeling one year later? surveyed teens and young people to discover whether they are standing by their man one year later.


The Obama Survey was composed of 13 questions. Ten questions were Yes / No / Maybe, and one was multiple choice, asking respondents to prioritize issues by importance.

Two of the questions were demographical (age, gender) and indicated that the majority of respondents were female and in their teens and twenties. 68.4% of respondents were female and 31.6% of respondents were male. Respondents were not required to answer every question, but 100% of the 428 respondents completed the entire survey.

The Obama survey was administered from January 5th to January 18, 2010.

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