Prepare Your Lips: It's International Kissing Day!

Teen Couple Kissing

The British have brought America a lot of great stuff—the English language, the industrial revolution, and Robert Pattinson. Today marks another great English contribution; it's International Kissing Day!

The focus of the day is to emphasize that kissing is awesome in itself. It doesn't have to be a formality when you greet someone or just a segway into more intimate activities. We couldn't agree more—we love kissing! Here are some reasons why:

  • It helps with mental health. Kids that receive pecks on the cheek and other forms of affection are less likely to develop issues such as anxiety and distress.
  • You can't get pregnant. Despite what the naive girl next to you in health class might believe, there's no way smooching equals baby.
  • You get to sample your partner's lip gloss for free. Admit guys, you know you like the strawberry flavor.
  • You can't transmit HIV. As long as one of you isn't bleeding in your mouth (watch out for partners with braces), open-mouthed kissing won't transmit HIV.
  • It's really, really fun. That's right, the bottom line is it's fun for both people involved.