Sharing is caring: Biggest kidney swap ever

Mom always said not to share things like hairbrushes and undies-- but what about organs? Over the last several weeks, a kidney swap taking place in four hospitals in the Washington DC area has gotten 14 people new kidneys. This has been the biggest and most successful donor swap in history!

Usually when someone is in need of a kidney, they find a friend or family member who is compatible to donate a kidney (everyone has two, but can survive with one). Often, a person will receive a kidney from an organ donor who is a stranger. This kidney swap works differently. Each patient in need of a kidney received one from the stranger in the large group who was the best match, and in turn contributed the kidney of a loved one who volunteered. In a group of many people, everyone in need is more likely to find a matching donor.

What can you do?

People in need of such serious operations as organ transplants could use all the love and support they can get. Volunteer at a hospital. Also work to keep you and your community as healthy as possible! You can also consider being an organ donor, all it takes is your signature on the back of your driver's license. Before you make a decision about that, make sure you talk it over with your family and see how they feel about it!