Apr 30 - May 7

Be a part of a crowd-sourced song to help provide grants to schools whose music ed programs are in danger.


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people doing it

Submission Information

Lauren Slyman
Original Music Video
Almost done! Just a few more questions..
For as long as I have been in school, I have cringed at any subject having to do with math or science. However, I have excelled in English, Literature, Music, Chorus, and anything else that requires creativity. If it wasn’t for these subjects, I would not be able to tolerate school. Kids like me: the “art freaks”, the “band geeks”, we all excel in creativity and need music programs to survive. Today, it seems that people have forgotten the importance of creativity. According to society, one is not knowledgeable unless a doctor, business CEO, scientist, etc. This is absurd to me because anyone can learn how to use a formula or read a graph… but few can write beautiful poetry and create melodies and harmonies. Even the famous mathematician, Albert Einstein, once said: “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”
It took three months. There was no camera, crew, or fancy equipment; my iPhone was my only partner. Even though the graphics were low-quality, the material is 100% raw. I wrote, composed, and sang the song. I recorded the instruments by playing my guitar and using Garage-Band. I went to the band teacher, chorus teacher, and awkwardly approached kids in the courtyard who happened to have a guitar.
Due to my ruthless computer, my video deleted three times, forcing me to repeatedly redo it. Going up to kids who I have never met, and asking to video-tape them was a little awkward. Even though I felt creepy, it actually helped me branch out more.