Old People

We heart old people, but this org is for young people (25 years old and under) and social change. If you have questions, visit 11 FAQs from Old People.

DoSomething.org knows teens have the energy to create lasting impact. As an old guy/gal in a teen's life, you can help him or her get there. Below, see how you can be the ultimate sidekick for DoSomething.org members.


  • Encourage a teen to sign up for a campaign that he/she thinks is interesting.
  • Check out action ideas your teen can lead with you or your family.
  • Browse scholarships that will help pay those college bills, bills, bills.


  • Help a student start a Do Something Club.
  • See which campaigns we're currently running. You could set up a collection box or related home-base in your classroom to encourage participation.
  • Have a student already doing something amazing? Tell them to post a project on our site.

High School Counselor

  • Have students sign up to receive volunteer opportunities from us.
  • Direct students to the college $$$ we offer year-round.

Religious or Community Leader

  • Browse project ideas that can be done with a non-school related group.

Coach, Director, or Other Extracurricular Leader

Alumnus or Friend

Potential Sponsor

Potential Not-for-Profit Partner

  • We aren't cliquish in the charity space. Potential not-for-profit collaborators should email help@dosomething.org.