14 Quilts Stitched with Love and Understanding for Teen Orphan Recipients

The Problem

I Led, directed, and envisioned This entire project mostly by myself. I had read up on many non-profit organizations that could need assistance in one of my areas of expertise, which is quilting by hand. A & A Cottages, an orphanage for female teens jumped out at me as the place I should call. So, I contacted a team member there who is involved somewhat in the management, and she told me that they housed about 12 orphaned teen girls at their location. She also told me -after my proposal of some kind of donation- that they would thankfully receive my quilts since they just happened to be in dire need of more bedding supplies such as warm cozy quilts. She said to me that these girls are in need of kind acts such as this and that the quilts would be put to use when the nights get cold. So, on February 27th, I had rounded up enough fabric donations, quilting supplies, and done most of the preparation with friends, to begin the tying stage of the quilts. This part can be the most tedious, but with a team of more than 50 youth and adults from my church, this task was a mere walk in the park for myself and others who helped out in the cause. I rounded up fabric donations from 3 different fabric stores who wanted to help in the cause. I recruited friends of mine to do the pre-stitching of the fabric and the batting. When it came time for the approximate 50 of my friends to get involved, their only job was to make about 70 square knots tied on each quilt to secure that they would last long and stay tightly together. This part happened rather quickly since there were so many people involved in this wonderful cause. I told each and every one of them how much I was thankful for their help and how much the girls would also be thankful. By the End, 14 beautiful quilts were constructed (more than enough to fit the orphanage's needs). The look on the manager of the orphanage, Melissa's face, was indescribably grateful. My team of helpers and I did a great deed in doing this project!

Plan of Action

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