2 Seconds Or Less, Inc.

The Problem

2 Seconds Or Less provides a solution to hunger and malnutrition through the establishment and education of agricultural practices. We support victims of poverty not by granting short-lived relief, but with the knowledge and resources for lasting sustainability. We assist with the development of nutrition gardens in impoverished schools and communities to fight the ever-growing plague of malnutrition. Our work matters to those who need aid in supporting themselves and their families; to those who suffer each day from the lack of vital nutrients; to those who never had a chance.

Plan of Action

2 Seconds Or Less provides a method of sustainability rather than dependency to those suffering from hunger throughout Africa. 2SOL develops nutrition gardens in schools and communities throughout Africa while working ALONGSIDE those in need to teach them the most effective ways to provide food for themselves and their families. Our nutrition gardens not only provide nutritious meals each day, but the knowledge of how to create a lasting solution to hunger. We teach about the methods of crop production, of harvesting, of sustainability. We teach about how to boil food without destroying the nutrients and how to preserve and dry foods to create a backup plan for times of drought and crisis. Through our understanding of education as the greatest means of development in oppressed nations, our combined efforts of hunger solutions and education provides a way for orphaned and vulnerable children of Africa to kill two birds with one stone - two birds that mean the difference between the end and the beginning.

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