My Own Book:Call to Action

Official Project

The Problem

61% of low income children do not have a book of their own

Plan of Action

A Call to Action! We'd like to invite teens throughout the country to make a difference! At My Own Book we spread the joy of reading by visiting K-3rd grade classrooms, reading a story, and letting the children pick out a brand new book of their very own. We concentrate on visiting schools and libraries that draw children from homes where owning books is uncommon. For many of these children the books they choose will be the first book that have ever owned themselves. We're rewarded with smiles and the children's joy. It is wonderful. We've given out more than 36,000 books so far and we want to give out 5,000 more books this year. If you are a teen you can have a fun and rewarding time. Visit our website at to see how to put on an event. Then, contact a school or library and set up an event. Next, contact us at to tell us about your plan and we will get you books and bookplates. Make a plan to do something now that will impact your life, improve a child's life, and change our community. Together, we can!

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