A call to action: do you know a doctor or surgeon who could help?

The Problem

I am writing with a specific appeal for 3-year-old Sah Johnson. Sah lives in Sierra Leone and was born with a major growth on his spinal cord. I first met Sah about a year ago in his home in a refugee camp outside of Freetown the capital of Sierra Leone. Since then, his situation has rapidly deteriorated. Due to immobility, both his legs are infested with large sores. My friend Hazel Chandler has created a short 1 min film to give you a visual on Sah's condition. You can access online at: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3071329875850875037Unfortunately, the operation Sah needs cannot be done in Sierra Leone. If you are a doctor/surgeon or if you know anybody who might be able to help us bring Sah to the US for this operation, I would greatly appreciate if you'd let me know. Please feel free to distribute this email to as wide an audience as you can. I know that somewhere out there are people who could pull together to save Sah's life. I hope you'll take a moment to help us help this child. WHAT WE NEED: A doctor, surgeon or hospital willing to perform the surgeryPeople who are willing to provide air miles or cash donations to cover airfareA family to host Sah Johnson and his parents when they come to the US

Plan of Action

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