A Midwinter Night's Dream

The Problem

A Midwinter Night's Dream is an annual gala fundraiser to benefit ALS, started and run entirely by high school students from Northport, NY. The students, myself included, became active in fighting ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease after a second teacher in the district was diagnosed with this terrible disease. ALS is a neurodegenerative disease that affects voluntary muscle movements. As neurons die and muscles atrophy, patients are eventually left paralyzed and usually die within 2-5 years of diagnosis from respiratory failure. 90%-95% of patients are affected with sporadic ALS, having no family history of the disease. There is no known cause or cure for ALS. As we watch our beloved teachers progress, our desire to raise funds and awareness for ALS grows stronger. ALS research centers all over the country are in need of more funding for their projects, which most recently includes the manipulation of stem cells into neurons. This disease currently affects about 30,000 Americans, and kills about 6,000 each year. Over the past four years, AMND has raised $722,000 and is looking forward to their next event in January, held at Oheka Castle in Huntington, NY, where we hope to raise a total of one million dollars. All of the money raised directly benefits ALS research and families afflicted with the disease. A Midwinter Night's Dream is committed to raising funds and awareness until this disease is cured. Not only are the students active in fundraising, they have spent their summers working hands-on in prestigious research labs around the country, including Columbia University, Project A.L.S. Stem Cell Lab, ALS TDI and The Robert Packard Center for ALS Reseach at Johns Hopkins. We are fighting for our teachers and we will not give up. Please visit our website for more information at www.amnd.org

Plan of Action

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