A Peacefull Cultural exchange

The Problem

I heard about scholarships such as these allot but I have been to involved in my recent global community service to apply. Just hear me out. I'm sure that I qualify. I recently returned from a two year service adventure in Italy, in places ranging from beautifull tuscany to the slums of napoli. Through a well developed program in my church I paid to go about where ever help was needed and be a full time service missionary. Doing thing that ranged from simple service to stranger to participating in civic diologues with Clergy and any interested people. My level of participation was very high, in fact I had the wonderfull privelidge of being what we called a "Zone leader". In which I would coordinate efforts of a large group of other volunteers in a large area. I did this in Umbria and Pisa. My responsability was to the community but also to other volunteers. spending two years away from home and serving up to 9 and a half hours a day can waer you down. I consider it a highlight to have helped such individuals.

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