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The Problem

I created this program to change a negative into a positive. The negative that I chanded was the way majority of society and many people view young men today, whether it's because of the way that they dress to the type of music that they listen to. I wanted to change the problem of having the young men in my community and at my school being view as hoodlums or disruptive, but to show who they really are. I also want them to see that they can be successful in school and make desent grades, if they just add a little effort.

Plan of Action

The steps that I took to create this program incleded: - writing proposals to my principal about the program - getting the word out to various teachers, to ask if they would like to nominate any young men - creating nomination and congradulation letters to those that were invited - writing letters to teachers or school staff asking if they could be our sponsor - drafting permission slips for the young men to attend educational field trips and community service events - making announcements - creating forms and advertisements about any peer tutors or mentors that were interested in helping The impact that I have made is one that has touched many people including myself. As a result many of the young men got honor roll and increased there grade point averages. Another teacher at the school created a simular program in which I am the peer speaker, which is for student whom need HSA help. Alot of teachers and staff in the school appreciate that someone had the desire to create a program specifically for the young men, who use to goof off's but have now made a postive turn around. Please understand many of the young men were not able to participate in any after school activities because they didn's have a 2.0.

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