Achieving Good Health and Safety Fair

The Problem

Around in my community, I see many young children will be riding bike with no helmets on. They don't realize how important it is to have their head to be protected while riding on the bike. The majority I see is that, the youth will be picking a small left over cigarette on the ground. In fact, they actually did try to take a puff out of it. That kid was coughing heavy and when he stopped, he just laugh and took off with his friends. That child doesn't know how serious that puff can harm him. I am trying to solve the problem to help my community how important it is for their safety and what can affects them for their health.

Plan of Action

This steps will take me a lot of times to succeed. I will have to committed to build by doing to take these actions. This is the following list that I did: 1. Pick an organization that will accept me to do the event 2. Start to brainstorms 3. rough draft of flyers 4. make announcements if anyone would like to come out and help 5. make a lot of phone calls 6. discussed what will occurs the day 7. materials to used,; such as tables, restroom and chairs, etc... 8. post banners and pass out official flyers 9. get letterheads for donations 10. prepare to set everything up for the event

Find a Campaign